Female Nigerian Graduate Who Rides Keke for a Living Speaks in Video, Reveals How Much She Makes Daily

A female graduate of sociology who turned to a tricycle (keke) driving business as a way to fend for herself said many mocked her Amarachi revealed that after getting tired of teaching for small pay, she became a driver and the profit has been massive The 30-year-old lady based in Warri stated that some passengers even leave their change behind for her

A Nigerian graduate, Amarachi Ihezie, whose story went viral days ago for being a keke driver despite having a university degree has spoken about her life. In a BBC News Pidgin interview, Amarachi said that when she first informed her friends that she wanted to be a driver, they laughed and said that she is going into a male-dominated profession. The lady was massively praised online for her hardworking spirit.

They advised her against it as they said she should stick to being a teacher. The graduate said her decision became an interesting topic among people.

According to Amarachi, people started looking at her with great pity that a graduate ended up being a keke driver. Amarachi said she never minded what people were saying as she continued the job with pride. Her challenge The lady revealed that one of the challenges she faces as a female driver is how to ease herself whenever she needs to take a pee. The graduate who became a driver four months ago said that the experience has been awesome. She said sometimes, people buy her fuel, leave their change and sometimes pray for her. N8,000 daily when business is good The lady said sometimes, she makes N8,000 daily. Whenever that happens, she saves N4,000 or N5,000 for the keke owner. N1,000 for fuel for the next day, and N2k goes to her.

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