Unidentified Man Writes Emotional Love Letter to Super Falcons Star, Says He Is Not After Her Money

Asisat Oshoala received an emotional letter from an unidentified man who has professed his undying love for her The ‘lover’ asked for the Super Falcons’ striker’s hand in marriage as he promises to be faithful to her at all times He added that her money is not what he wants, emphasising that he feels different anytime he sights her picture

A yet-to-be-identified man has written an emotional love letter to Super Falcons star, Asisat Oshoala, asking her to consider him for marriage. In the letter shared by the Barcelona Femeni forward on her Instagram handle, the ‘lover boy’ claims he develops feelings anytime he sees her pictures. He pleaded for her forgiveness if he has offended her in any way, adding that he promises to be faithful to her.

The man wrote:

“Please my love consider me, If I offended you forgive me. I used to have feelings whenever I watch your pic and is not ordinary feelings as if you are the only woman on earth. “I have been trying to control it but e no gree. I promise to be faithful if you can marry me, I have strong love for you.”

Oshoala recently flaunted a new Mercedes Benz C200 worth about N18million on her Instagram handle which attracted quite a number of comments via Cars US News. However, the man in his letter insists that her money is not what he wants. He added: “Please let me tell the truth about your money. Money or no money I am ok with you yes dear. I know what I want is you not your money thanks.”

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