Nigerian Woman Gives Birth at Bus Park, Peace Mass Transit Rewards Her With Bag of Rice, Yam, Other Items

A Nigerian woman, Nkeiruka Ifeanyi, who had six female children but kept believing God for a male child now has her prayer answered When she got pregnant with her seventh child, medical reports said it was going to be through an operation About boarding a Peace Mass Transit bus, she gave birth naturally with the help of other female passengers present

A 39-year-old woman, Nkeiruka Ifeanyi, who has been looking for a male child for a long time has been rewarded with one in an unusual condition. An aide to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Maria Ude Nwachi, revealed the news on her Facebook page as she shared photos. The woman was congratulated online by many people.

Male child after six daughters According to her, the woman who hails from Enugu state has been believing God for a male child, seeing that their first six children are girls.

Maria said that the couple kept unwavering hope in God that He is able to answer their prayers for a male child. When she became pregnant with her male child, doctors said that it would not be a normal birth but through CS. How she gave birth One day while she was at a Peace Mass motor park, she began feeling pangs of pain. Older women at the park helped her as the transport officials gave them privacy. Her blessing later came through as she gave birth to a boy the family named after the company.

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