Semen is one fluid that not only plays the role of carrying sperm cells into terrain of the egg in a woman but also a fluid that has alot to say about a man’s health. If as a man you start noticing that you ejaculate less fluid during intimacy or whenever you reach an orgasm, then there could be need to be more observant to your body.

There are various reasons why a man may release very small quantity or volume of semen. But they are not usually due to serious medical problems unless the semen volume is too infinitesimal that you even hardly see it when you reach an orgasm. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the causes of low discharge during intimacy in men and when to see a doctor regarding the issue or situation. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Causes Of This Problem?

1. Low Testosterone Level; this is otherwise referred to hypogonadism and it could be due to numerous reasons. But if you start noticing a drastic reduction in your discharge during intimacy, then there might be need to see a doctor or start exercising more often and also improve on the kind of foods you eat to boost your testosterone level and get yourself back to shape. Poor or extremely low semen volume can hinder or stop a man from being able to get a woman pregnant.

2. Diabetes; this is a health condition that arises due to the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar level. When this happens, a man may start having several complications ranging from poor erection or even erectile issues to low discharge volume. If you are suffering from diabetes and you notice that there is significant reduction in the volume of discharge, you need to see a doctor to find ways of putting your blood sugar level in check.

3. Regular Intimacy; men who are very regular when it comes to engaging intimacy with their partners often notice a lower volume of semen. This is due to the frequent releases that they have done in the previous intimate session but after giving yourself some space and giving your body some gap to recover, your semen concentration should be back to it’s normal state.

4. Enlarged Prostate Gland; this is usually a benign situation that arises in men who are much older. It is also one of the causes of low discharge during intimacy in men and if you notice some other signs like frequent urination, urgency to urinate, painful urination or dribbling urine stream, do well to see a doctor.

5. Older Age; same way old age comes with erectile dysfunction in most cases, as a man ages or grows older, his volume of discharge is bound to reduce due to less testosterone and also the aging process. If you are older and you notice a slight change in your discharge quantity, there is no need to be perturbed, it’s completely normal.

6. Spinal Cord injuries and multiple sclerosis can also cause a reduction in the semen volume.

When Should A Man Consider Seeing A Doctor?

Once you start noticing a change in the downward direction in your discharge, you need to discuss it with the doctor. The good thing is that, most causes of low discharge quantity or volume can all be handled or treated by professional medical bodies, so you have nothing to worry about. Doctor might prescribe some medications that will help put your testosterone level back on track.

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