Anyone who wants to live a healthy life should embrace exercises because it contributes to our wellness and overall health. These days, many women desire an hourglass shape and to achieve this, the hips and bust should be nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist. This has given rise to an increased rate of plastic surgeries amongst women as it enables them to achieve their body goals. However, natural alternatives are always the best when it comes to health because they have little or no side effects. So, in this article, I will be showing you some exercises you should do regularly in order to achieve a stronger and wider hips naturally.

1. Squats.

This exercise helps to strengthen your hips and legs, it also works on your balance, making it firmer and more stable. There are many variations to squats, but the basic one is performed by standing with your feet apart and lowering down as if you’re sitting on an invisible chair. The image above is a perfect example of a squat.

2. Sumo walk.

Sumo walk targets your quadriceps, heels, and muscles on the back side of your body, many people confuse it for a squat, but it is not. Sumo walk is performed by maintaining a squat position and stepping 2-4 steps to the right side, and left side consecutively.

3. Clamshells.

This is one of the best exercises for stronger and wider hips. Clamshells build your glute muscles. It also targets your external rotation and abduction, thus making it very beneficial for the hips. It is performed by lying down on a mat while facing your right side and stacking your legs on top of each other. The knees should be bent at 90-degree angle while your hips should be at 45-degree angle, then slowly rotate one knee up and repeat the process as many times. The picture above is an illustration of a clamshell.

4. Hip lifts.

Just like the name sounds, hip lifts help to strengthen your hips and improve its motion, thus giving you an hourglass appearance. This exercise is performed by lying down and bending your knees’ with your head on a couch or bench for greater range of motion. You are advised to keep your shoulder relaxed during this exercise, then start lifting your hips by contacting your glutes. The image above is for better understanding.

5. Side lunges.

This is a very popular exercise, and you can comfortably do it at home. This exercise helps to sculpt your hips by accelerating and decelerating your abductors. The image above will guide you on how to perform this exercise.

6. Bulgarian split squats.

This exercise targets the legs and glutes while improving stability and increasing a deep contraction in the muscle of the back leg. For greater intensity, you are advised to hold dumbbells while performing this exercise. The picture above shows a person performing a Bulgarian split squat.

7. Donkey kick.

This is one of the simplest exercises on this list, but many people tend to do it wrongly. Donkey kick builds the core and glutes, but ensure to keep a neutral spine and straight abdominal while performing it.

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