Oyinbo Lady Bags Degree, Visits Parents on the Farm to Thank Them for Paying Her School Fees

A 21-year-old lady, Jennifer Rocha, went straight to the farm where her parents work as soon as she graduated with a degree Photos shared online showed the 21-year-old graduate helping out her parents on the field as she posed with them The young lady recounted how they taught her the importance of education and hard work with their work ethics

A young lady, Jennifer Rocha, who graduated from school has made her parents proud as she posed with them on the farm with her graduation gown. In a post shared by CaseQ on Facebook, the 21-year-old Jennifer said that her parents taught her the value of education even as they were unable to get higher education because of their commitment.

The young lady stated that her dad and mother also showed her the value of hard work as she was always following them to the farm at night to work.

During her stay on the farm, she saw how people coped with backaches and mosquito bites to ensure they completed their daily quotas on the fields. While in the university, the lady could not stay in the hostel because her parent could not afford such luxury.

She said: “Working in the fields builds and molds a different type of character. A character that does not give up, and one with resilience and strength to withstand the hazards that come from that job.”

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