Historically, the creation of Enugu State 30 years ago by General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime significantly transcended providence.

It was largely the outcome of a tenacious struggle for the emancipation of the people of Wawa-speaking area (Enugu and Abakaliki) of Igboland, by the founding fathers of the state.

Both perceptually and in reality, it was a sustained agitation against injustice meted to a people (Wawa) who were honest, patient, intelligent and hardworking.

The spirit of the dogged struggle was to birth and bequeath to its people and future generations a state anchored on peace, development, unity, equity and justice.

Enugu as the capital city of Nigeria’s Eastern Region; East Central State; old Anambra State; old Enugu State, when Abakaliki (now part of Ebonyi State) was part of it and the present Enugu State, has come a long way on the side of history. It is home for all Igbo, politically, socio-culturally and economically.

Sustaining the founding fathers’ dreams

The creation of Enugu State on August 27, 1991, brought unbridled excitement and a sense of accomplishment to the founding fathers. It consummated the liberation of the Wawa people to live freely in a society founded on the pillars of peace, equity and justice.

No wonder, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, in his 2015 inaugural address, recommitted himself to the dreams and aspirations of the founding fathers of the state to “take up the gauntlet of the struggle for the emancipation of the Wawa man from where our heroes past stopped”.

Gov. Ugwuanyi also vowed, in accordance with the ideals and aspirations of the founding fathers of Enugu State, to “deploy government services to create fair and equal opportunity for every willing citizen to make a living, educate our children, and enjoy life in a peaceful and secure environment”, while pursuing vigorously, employment generation, enhanced social services and good governance, rural development, security and justice.

This sound vision, the governor has dexterously accomplished in spite of avalanche of challenges confronting the nation’s economy, security and public health, among others.

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