Our steps are made firm by the Lord, when he delights in our way— Psalm 37:23.

We all who are living in this world think that our qualifications, our job will make us secure in this world but the real truth is most of us after having biggest qualification and jobs are not secure in world either because of stress or because of the pressure or because of health issues and also many highly qualified people are having mental illness.

When we learn the Word of God and obey God even after having the lowest qualification we will be exalted to the best jobs where all highly qualified will be working under us because of God exalting us.

We have to understand that only when God makes our steps and also plans firm then we will be able enjoy in it for rest of our life or else we may have good things with us on one side and on the other side sorrow which will not allow us to enjoy to the fullest.

God is the author of our life and He has written His plan and purpose for our life before we were born but it is we who mess up with plan and purpose of God by chasing our own plans and desire that’s why most of us miss the plan and purpose of God in our life and some who are blessed will be able to reach the plan and purpose of God by overcoming all the obstacles, traps, problems , persecution , false accusation, verbal abuse, gossipers which devil has prepared for us on the way. Others fall into it and spend all their life in it without experiencing God personally.

This is the main reason we see only few great people in the entire Bible who were chosen by God and they obeyed Him without questioning, complaining, grumbling and rebelling against Him. They did exactly as He said and because of this no one could take their place in their life time.

For example Noah build ark as per God’s instruction but when he was building the ark people around may be laughing and making fun of him but when they realised that it was the plan of God to save his family it was too late.

Today most of us make big mistake of following movie stars, business icons, political leaders and others who are famous and try to live like them and because of that we will indulge in corruption. No famous people without giving their life to God can do anything good by themselves.

We have to read the Word of God daily and also apply it to our life to experience ourselves so that we may grow our confidence in the Word of God which will never fail. We are the only ones who can make the Word of God fail by living with lack of faith. When we are having faith no matter how big is our difficulties everything we will overcome by His power and live securely in the midst of all uncertainty around us.

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