Neighbours Rescue Retired Teacher From Heavy Govt Fine, Help to Repaint Her House Into ‘Paradise’

The neighbours of a retired teacher came together and showed her love when she was almost going to fall foul of environmental laws The government had issued her a letter, asking the woman to clean up and repaint her building or face a daily fine of $3000 (N1,234,710) People who read about her call for help brought their tools and worked on her house until it was completely transformed

A retired school teacher, Anne Glancey, one day received an invoice that she was going to be fined up to $3,000 (N1,234,710) daily for all the repairs that needed to be done on her house. The development made the woman really confused as she did not know where to get that kind of sum since she had no family or friends, (Understanding) Compassion reports.

The house looks so sparkling new and clean after work was done. Fix your house or pay heavily Adam and Kristin Polhemus were the only neighbours she had known for five years. The woman took the letter to them. The notice stated that the woman needed to repaint her house to look cool, clear her yard of junks and make the lawn look clean. Each environmental violation had a fine of up to $1000 (N411,570) each.

One of the neighbours, Adam, said: “She said, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do, I can’t do this myself.’ And I said, ‘Anne, we’ll help you get this fixed’.” Neighbours turned up! To help the woman, Kristin went on Facebook to call for help and ask volunteers to donate towards Anne’s cause. Twenty-five neighbours who saw the post turned up and donated supplies to make the work happen. They soon set to work on the woman’s house with their tools.

It was gathered that the work done on the house is an estimate of around $10,000 (N4,115,000) to $15000 (N6,172,500), and everything was carried out for free. Woman showed appreciation Happy Anne spent many weekends serving the volunteers free drinks as an appreciation for the work they were putting into her house. She told them: “I appreciate their generosity. They are good Samaritans, really wonderful and thoughtful. Not everyone would arise to the occasion and I am grateful for it.”

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