There’s an adage in the Hausa land for when something bad happens to someone you regard as untouchable, they usually say; “Gobara daga kogi maganin ki Allah” which means that “a blaze from the sea, only God Almighty can overcome it.” The literary translation of this proverb is that if a flame can be kindled from the sea and continues burning to dry land, despite the power of water to quench it, the artificial method wouldn’t serve in quenching it.

Before the invasion of the NDA, I would have told anyone that cares to ask that the NDA is the most secure and comfortable place in this country but today, I have realised that this is an illusion.

That an institution that annually produces  thousands of senior commissioned officers (second  lieutenants and lieutenants) to three powerful armed forces; the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air force, could be invaded and terrorised as witnessed is a cause for fear.

This is an indication that the security system in Nigeria has been compromised because it defies logic that the Nigerian military which recently bagged recognition from Global Fire Power (GPF) with the rank of 35 out 140 countries can be easily overpowered like this.

It simply means that it is time to look for the enemy within.

Ali Tijjani Hassan, Potiskum

In spite of the huge investment in the water sector by the government and international organisations, water scarcity has grown to become a perennial nightmare for residents of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. This report x-rays the lives and experiences of residents in getting clean, potable and affordable water amidst the surge of COVID-19 cases in the state…

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