WhiteMoney reveals his dream about Saskay to Liquorose and Emmanuel.

The camera focused on WhiteMoney, Liquorose, and Emmanuel in the kitchen. WhiteMoney decided to engage them in a discussion about his dream before Pere joined them in the kitchen.

I had a dream about Saskay. She was crying that she would like to go home. I haven’t figure out the meaning of the dream, but I would. -WhiteMoney tells Liquorose and Emmanuel.

As expected, WhiteMoney’s statement about Saskay got a lot of comments on social media.

Lane: WhiteMoney has turned to Joseph the dreamer again.

Vivian: What WhiteMoney cannot do doesn’t exist.

Kunle: WhiteMoney is truly gifted.

Salem: This guy talks too much. If he’s not careful this would ruin his chances of winning.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

What did you make of this? Kindly share your opinions with us on this via the comment box provided below.

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