December is a month where people prepare for the following months which is another year. Christmas and a new year are celebrated in some Nigerians home every December and some things will be put in place before the days. Here are 2 business ideas that its demand may rise in the December period:

1. Cooking Gas Business×300&!2&fsb=1&xpc=N4r2OoTztv&p=https%3A//

Refilling gas cylinders is one of the businesses you can start. Some people have left the stove and firewood for cooking gas because it makes cooking fast and reduces the carbon effect on pots. These business profits depend on the capital you want to invest or your budget. You can start your gas refilling business in a residential area where there are peoples who use gas for cooking as your targets customers provided there are no gas refilling competitors there, you may later add selling of accessories like pipes, clips, regulators, gas burners, gas cylinders, etc.

2. Palm Oil Business

The palm oil business is another type of lucrative business you can invest in and make a huge return due to its diverse usefulness. You can start your own palm oil business from its kernel to refined oil. The palm oil business has empowered some small-medium enterprises in Nigeria. If you want to be a retailer in the palm oil business; getting your source from a genuine supplier is important so that you can supply pure palm oil.

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