Stunning Video Shows Moment Man Came Face to Face with Lion he Had Rescued 7 Years Ago,

A man, Kevin Richardson, had taken it upon himself to go see the lions he had rescued 7 years ago According to Kelvin who operates a lion park, he had cared for the cubs when the mommy lion rejected them In a video capturing the reunion, he met the lions in the water and received surprise hugs and kisses from one of them

A man ran into two lions he had saved 7 years ago in an unbelievable fashion. Kevin Richardson who owns a lion park in South Africa took the risk of meeting the lions for the first time after many years to ascertain if they’d remember him. He wasn’t sure if the lion would remember him

OMG Newss reports that Kevin had come to the lions’ aid when they were rejected as cubs by the mommy lion. He was said to have approached the cubs and taken them to his facility where they were cared for.

The risky reunion In a YouTube video on Go Pro VR BTS recording the priceless moment, Kevin found the lions named Meg and Ammy in a river and approached them. He called out the name of one of them while moving in the water. In an instant flash, the lion seemed to recognize the voice of its rescuer and jumped on him. The wild cat then followed it up with kisses and hugs. Watch the video below: Man poses with lions to show how he conquered fear Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had struck poses with lions to showcase how he is conquering his fears.

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